ARP Realty Services, Inc.

About ARP Realty Services

We live in a fast, modern society, and people are accustomed to instant gratification; you shouldn't have to wait days or weeks for information that can be readily available. We'll keep you well informed with thorough information available 24/7.

We understand that in order to make effective decisions, your Board of Directors must have reliable and prompt reports on the status of the Association.

Why is this such a revolution?

Whether you want to know which homeowners have paid their dues (or which are late), which residences have received violation notices (and the status of the reports), or simply check the balance in your accounts, we enable you to retrieve information instantly, any time of day or night!

We also work hard to save your Association money by:

Why Pick Us?

We pledge to:

It doesn't sound hard, and it shouldn't be. We'll return any call or email within one business day. If it's a task or requirement that will take more than one day to complete, we'll keep you updated on the status.
When we send out a violation notice, we'll check to make sure it's been resolved. If we get a report about the community pool being dirty, we'll stop by and make sure it's been cleaned.
No Jargon, just Common Sense
You don't need to hear the latest buzzword or corporate-speak. We'll answer your (and homeowners') questions in plain English.
You won't be left scratching your head trying to understand monthly reports. If it takes an accounting degree to understand them, then we did something wrong.

We're here for the long haul, just like you — when you're paying a mortgage for thirty years, you shouldn't have to worry about falling property values after five.

A little about our history.

ARP Realty Services was founded by, and still consists of Board members, volunteers, and residents in area communities. We understand the realities and frustrations confronting neighborhood associations, whether it's repairing a border fence for the Nth time, dealing with barking dogs, or filing liens for non-payment of dues.

Our staff has over twenty-two years of experience dealing with property management issues, and we've seen, handled, and resolved just about every eventuality you can think of.