ARP Realty Services, Inc.

Commercial and Rental Properties

ARP Realty Services understands that commercial and rental properties have their own special set of requirements to keep everything running smoothly for tenants and owners. We know that your perspective is different, and we'll work hard to keep your property occupied with quality tenants.

Thank you so much … for helping me get my tenant in the building. It wouldn't have happened without your assistance.

You're concerned about public perception of the property, security, impeccable appearance, and keeping a handle on utility, communications, and maintenance bills. You want the best possible tenants and they only show up when all of the aforementioned items are handled with utmost care.

ARP Realty Services lives by the details and has a process for everything including emergency preparedness, storm damage recovery, and everyday operational communications. Tenant payments, utilities, property payments and taxes, maintenance, repair work and groundskeeping are all handled with dispatch and reliability.

We can help you:

  1. Determine your total cost of property ownership. Your total cost is more than just the mortgage, you also need to add-in any utilities, maintenance, landscaping, repairs, and professional services you'll need.
  2. Estimate your rent price. A competitive rent price reflects prevailing rates, so simply adding up your cost of ownership won't do.
  3. Compare the rent you think you can get with your costs. We can help you draw up two profit-and-loss statements: a best-case and a more conservative report that includes all the things that could go wrong.
Online Reports Annual Budget

We offer a completely web-based management solution that allows you to view the current status of all items of interest regarding your property, including:

Vendor Invoice Vendor Invoice

Financial Management

We manage capital reserves and can provide investment advice (CDs, money-market funds, annuities) to make your money work a little harder.

Preparation of monthly financial statements, including:

Also available to you online 24/7: Monthly Statement Owner Invoice

Operations / Administrative Services

Proactive maintenance and building caretaking … Responsiveness to building needs and issues.
Account Balances

Management / Maintenance / Testing

ARP Realty Services offers in-house maintenance services, and has multiple quality contracts we work closely with for maintenance services. We'll also gladly use outside contractors preferred by the Board of Directors if desired. By staffing a team of professional maintenance personnel, we substantially reduce expenses that would be incurred from hiring outside contractors. Using ARP staff also assures that common areas comply with city Code and Health Department regulations. Issues addressed include:

Providing a Personal Touch

Our employees take pride in providing “personal service” to each owner through:

Optional Consulting Services

Our on-site climate controlled storage is used for your records to help preserve and keep them out of the elements.

Many clients want customized reports or a part of the website enhanced to fit their specific needs. Our staff can provide customizations for a low fee.