ARP Realty Services, Inc.

Condominiums and Townhomes

ARP Realty Services will handle tenant calls, track contractor repair work, coordinate with plumbers, groundskeepers, electricians, and roofers — all of the hundreds of details that keep a property attractive and running smoothly. We’ll take care of all the paperwork including utilities, taxes, insurance, and monthly assessments.

… phenomenal support of our HOA. They have not only improved service, but also reduced our costs of ownership through vendor management and realistic pricing!

We work closely with Board Members, Officers, Committees, Homeowners, City staff, developers and builders, and other designated individuals to establish policies and programs that work effectively for the community.

You're not charged extra for standard things like answering phones, faxing, mailing reports, long-distance calls, and data processing. We help you save with more all you can eat bundled services.

Online Reports Annual Budget

We offer a completely web-based management solution that allows Board Members and homeowners to view the current status of all items of interest in the neighborhood, including:

An improved level of service for a lower price than our previous three HOA Management companies.
Vendor Invoice Vendor Invoice

Financial Management

We manage capital reserves and can provide investment advice (CDs, money-market funds, annuities) to make your money work a little harder.

Preparation of monthly financial statements, including:

Also available to you online 24/7:
… my highest recommendation. A combination of trust, integrity, knowledge, and leadership make them an asset that our HOA benefits from each and every day.
Monthly Statement Owner Invoice

Operations / Administrative Services

Account Balances Rental Properties Report

Management / Maintenance / Testing

ARP Realty Services offers in-house maintenance services, and has multiple quality contracts we work closely with for maintenance services. We'll also gladly use outside contractors preferred by the Board of Directors if desired. By staffing a team of professional maintenance personnel, we substantially reduce expenses that would be incurred from hiring outside contractors. Using ARP staff also assures that common areas comply with city Code and Health Department regulations. Issues addressed include:

Willingness to deal with difficult situations and problem homeowners.

Providing a Personal Touch

Our employees take pride in providing “personal service” to each Community through:

Optional Consulting Services

Our on-site climate controlled storage is used for your records to help preserve and keep them out of the elements. Additional usage of our on-site climate controlled storage is also available if needed — Many clients ask us to store their Christmas decorations, party supplies, lights, wreaths, tables, and pop up shelters.

Many clients want customized reports or a part of the website enhanced to fit their specific needs. Our staff can provide customizations for a low fee.