ARP Realty Services, Inc.

Downloads for the three most recent versions of HOAM are available here; older versions are obsolete and have been archived. At this time there is no 'automated' upgrade process. For the most part, just copy on top of (overwrite) the existing installation and everything should work fine.

Please review the release notes for each version for additional information.

VersionRelease DateSizeMD5 HashDownload Link
Overall this is a minor upgrade. Changes in this release:
  • Fixed issues with date records from older releases.
  • Added the ability to specify a custom file to be used for system upgrades.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed minor issues with upgrade functions.
    • Fixed issues with date records from older releases that was set to '0000-00-00' originally but should now use '1970-01-01' (resulting from MySQL NO_ZERO_DATE changes).
    • Fixed more PHP notices and warnings.
  • Additions:
    • Added checkbox option on export to include attachments in backup.
    • Added log class functions findMessage() and returnSequence().
    • Added xml_version_check.php.
    • Added check to daly maintenance script to make sure the system is not in maintenance mode when running.
    • Added housekeeping checks for homeowner sale date and violation resolution date to update them to 1970-01-01 so they'll work correctly with new code.
  • Other changes:
    • ! Changed adding of vendor invoice attachments from reporting each charge as the owner to the invoice itself. This will cause a system previously in production to no longer find previously entered attachments. The upgrade routine will automatically update your database accordingly.
    • Changed backup process to overwrite zip archive contents if a backup file already exists.
    • Moved Insurance maintenance routine into separate function.
    • Minor documentation updates.
    • Tidied up maintenance routine report slightly.
    • Converted report.js, residenceBudgetView.js, residence_detail_user.js to use only JQuery.